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Oasis Research
is a marketing consulting company specializing in strategic customer feedback. Founded in 1998 with restaurant client and a need for better customer service, we created customer feedback programs to review, to refocus, and to retrain employees so that the end product was the intended branded product. Today, Oasis Research’s main focus is detailed secret shopper reports.  The Company also manages on-line research, phone research and customer satisfaction studies. We handle primarily higher-end retail clients, who believe in higher end customer service and on-going research to meet specific goals and objectives. This approach to strategic research is different than most national quantitative “research” houses.

Our secret shopping product is different

1. We use a client’s customers (they are the target market and care most about the concept’s success) rather than paying “uninterested, paid” shoppers that may not be the target market as with most national data-sweatshops
2. We rely more on a large qualitative section to get a “feel” about the customer’s experience than just a quantitative section

This program is for companies to “want to beat customer expectations” and have a plan to how to use this data effectively within their organization. Our research gives Corporate the confidence that what is being marketed, is what is being presented at the retail end. The uses of this program are endless. These include:

1. An on-going monthly program for bonus/improvement purposes
2. A program to compare and contrast “company owned stores” vs. “franchise stores”
3. A program to evaluate possible acquisitions before purchase
4. A program to monitor products sold in a dealer-type (with other potential competitors) setting
5. A competitive shop combining a shop at a client’s and a direct competitor’s location

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